Survivin’ & Thrivin’

From 2006 to 2007, I collaborated with Marycela and Deena M. Tyler in the poetry collective Survivin’ & Thrivin’.

We released the compilation Echoes of Women (2006), dedicated to the late Samantha House.

In celebration of Women’s History Month (2007), we organized and performed the show “HerStories of Pleasure and Pain” as reported by by The City Pulse “Local Poets Celebrate Woman Survivors”.

We hosted an open-mic series Survivin’ & Thrivin’ (2007) to honor the lives and words of women with guest hosts Chey Davis and Lee Sayles. A photo album is available on Flickr.

Our group also performed by invitation at domestic violence vigils and Take Back the Night, events covered by The State News: DV 06, TBTN 07, and DV 07.

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