¿Estás listo? / Are you ready?

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Folks of Greater Lansing — and those who travel — “¡Vámonos! / Let’s Go!” is coming this Saturday, December 6, at AA Creative Corridor (1133 S. Washington Ave.)! It’s a special program with great talent from the local community and various parts of … Continue reading

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The Intertidal Zone: In Flow with Community Arts

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Monday greetings! I’m back to Kalamazoo after four days road-tripping a swath of Michigan: the Bay area, Greater Lansing, and near the borderlands of “Michiana“. I’m feeling especially grateful for the variety of persons — past and present — who … Continue reading

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¡Vámonos! / Let’s Go!

Coming soon in Lansing! A one-of-a-kind event with talented people and a variety of arts. Here’s the Facebook event listing. ¡Vámonos! / Let’s Go! is my send-off for a two-month residency at Sachaqa Centro De Arte in Peru, an eco-art … Continue reading

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“Types and Shadows” Feature

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I’m glad to share a peak at the Fall 2014 Types and Shadows, Journal for the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts! My artist book Puzzling the Moon is featured, and pictured on the front is one of the work’s … Continue reading

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Standing in the Light

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Your strength is to stand still, after you see yourself. Stand still in the Light that discovers, then strength comes, and mercy. ~ George Fox On this rainy morning here in Kalamazoo, somewhat inland from the Big Water of Lake … Continue reading

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The Deep-Deep Down: Where Book Art Meets Spiritual Community

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Fall greetings, Dey of the Phoenix readers! I’ve been Stateside a few weeks after a month’s sojourn to Europe. This phase is one of integration, because the summer provided multiple profound encounters. For new readers — or anyone who may … Continue reading

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The Horizontal Plane

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While hiking out of the Porcupine Mountains, I set down my backpack for a rest. Here a mighty Eastern hemlock had fallen. (Not in this photo, though!) The former treetop had been cut apart and set aside, presumably by a … Continue reading

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Summer-ing Spiritual Community, Part 2

Here’s a first on Dey of the Phoenix — a slideshow presented by Slide.ly! This book art was created during the annual Gathering (Friends General Conference), which I blogged about last month, “Summer-ing Spiritual Community, Part 1.” My inspirations stemmed from the week’s theme “Let Love Be the First Motion” and a powerful healing experience among Quaker artists in my workshop “Honoring Our Stories.”

The accompanying musical selection for the slideshow is from an album that has accompanied me much this summer. The very moving work of Breathe Owl Breathe has been good company during round-trips to Lake Michigan at Saugatuck. The songs are vibrational poetry, and “Vision Quest” is a wonderful riddle for experiences embodied by this book art created in the spiritual community of Friends.

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Summer-ing Spiritual Community, Part 1

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Summer greetings! I last posted on Dey of The Phoenix in late spring, after an eventful performance season. The following period has been a time of recharging and, most recently, extended fellowship among spiritual community. These encounters are precious, tender, … Continue reading

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shining light up/on “The Basement”

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Note: This post includes some experiences as a survivor of sexual violence, in case a reader may wish to know this in advance. The Chicago weekend-scape was a choice to breathe lightly after an August whirlwind.  I felt unsettled by … Continue reading

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