nothing of substance

nothing of substance split
an irrevocable rift

these small things
potential chemical cocktails

are consequential
we are responsible for the ripple

behold its reach
as the full moon wanes

the goddess forewarned
but was denied

so it is time to bury
those gifts in the earth

for mother
transforms ill will

while the tree of life
divinely truth-bearing

warms rose quartz
in an open palm

as love


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4 Responses to nothing of substance

  1. Sally Lloyd says:

    I like this one a lot, Melissa. Thank you for sharing your work and yourself so generously. Love, Sally

  2. Sally, many thanks for following the blog, and I’m glad something in it reaches you. Peace, Melissa

  3. Lucas James Salazar says:

    Well this one surely needs to be published! 😉 SUPERB!!!

  4. Thanks Lucas. As so it is published … through my blog :-).

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