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Many thanks to Ray Walsh for his review of “Circle. . .Home” in the Lansing State Journal: “Collection of poetry, prose is rooted in mid-Michigan area.” The online version dates September 10, while the print edition runs today September 11.

Glimpses of my newest poems from “Circle. . .Home” are available online: “balance” via Patrick Diehl’s blog “What’s the Diehl?” and an early version of “Origins” on Lansing Online News. The latter poem was finally titled “Origins, A Geologically Mistaken but Inspiring Account” after an enlightening visit with geologist Randall Schaetzl.

An inside bit about the development of “Circle. . .Home”: Dr. Schaetzl’s online course materials for Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region were a starting point in my lay-person research about glacial landforms of mid-Michigan and the surrounding area. In fact, some sections there inspired found poetry, poems that are shaped from outside text. Found poems are an integral part of “Circle. . .Home”‘s last section “The Mason Esker”, titled after an ancient riverbed that stretches from DeWitt to Mason.

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