The Star Card

Dear readers, I’m happy to share the poem “The Star Card,” which I wrote in spring while finishing poem collages now being exhibited at (SCENE) Metrospace of East Lansing, Michigan. This first experiment with mixed-media collage inspired by poetry took me into new artistic terrain, plenty of times daunting. Writing “The Star Card” pushed me through the final round of that exploratory territory. I hope it encourages you to try out an inspiring unknown path! Accompanying the poem are photos of “The Healing”, a triptych using mixed-media collage with poetry.

The Star Card
for Linda

this vision is what i conceived
+ the time has arrived to materialize the dream
to embrace the promise of The Star
that make-a-wish Tarot card
so beware what you ask for
just may come true

there is truth in the line
‘when you wish upon a star’
but this is not a Disney song
this is the root of life
sprouted form a seed of faith
watered by showers of fate
this is the tree of life
towering with deliberate choice
+ crowned by destiny

this wish is a ripple circling the sky dome
a ribbon blazing with hope
a river linking kindred souls
who risk riots of shooting stars
+ dare heights beyond human sights

this vision is divine
as much mine as those
touched by the inspiration
to conceive their own dream
to embrace their own tree
so be aware what you ask for
just may come true

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