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This post is copied from the page *News!* (see tab above), where I will be making periodic updates to give voice to the web site’s evolution.

Guests and regulars, welcome to the new Dey of the Phoenix! I launched the web site in 2008, and it evolves in stride with my  journey as an artist, community organizer, and spiritual seeker. Thanks to so many who have supported my  publications, projects, and programs (2006 – 2012)! It would be a joy still to walk together and, certainly, to meet newcomers.

I purpose that DotP continues to inspire creativity and to draw upon the strength of community.  My transition from public art and organizing grassroots programs to another kind of work will be embodied here. DotP now is a portal to the creative and healing arts, as I explore their intersection from my home base in Lansing, Michigan, and through regular sojourns to the state’s southwest region and borders.  My latest trip to Europe (September 2012) and future travels also will find expression on the site.

Presently I am deepening lessons of community among Quakers and partners in the healing arts.  A shout out to my treasured families at Red Cedar Friends Meeting and Crow’s Nest Center for Shamanic Studies! It is important to acknowledge that the public work I engaged in recent years was made possible thanks to spiritual circles. Such is the case with this year’s exhibit “Words & Afterwards” –  the seed being planted as RCF cared for the exhibit “Michigan Eyes Wide Open” (Nov. 2010), and the vision sprouting throughout my  shamanic apprenticeship with Colleen Deatsman (Feb. 2011 – Jan. 2012).

The creative arts — individually and cooperatively — are foremost on my heart! My artistic experience is expanding and often in good company via The Hook, a network of creative, healing, and technological arts based in Lansing, Michigan (visit Facebook). Currently, The Hook offers circles to drum, write, and make art. I look forward to sharing select experiments here on DotP, including mandalas from workshops via Crow’s Nest. Get ready for some playful as well as provocative stuff!

For navigating DotP, please note that I will no longer be using Categories (on the right) to organize new posts. Tags will become the organizing principle, with the soon-coming tag cloud to help. Old posts (from 2008 to earlier this year) still will be found among the Categories.


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