falling apart

Mixed media piece "falling apart" from book art in progress.

“falling apart” is a mixed-media piece from book art in progress.

As introduced last week, I continue my Poseidon adventure! This week’s glimpse is “falling apart”, a poem that was intent on melding into book art. And by doing so, invited intuition — that inner voice — to drive the resulting expression.  The meld mixes media: acrylic, oil pastel, and poster paint. Yes, indeed, poster paint, which the oracle of the World Wide Wed informs me gets short shrift as the stuff of “crafting” and “school projects” — pretty cool things on their own merit.  Honestly, I am grateful for becoming acquainted with tempera poster paints via workshops at Crow’s Nest Center USA and the encouraging comments of my co-participants — especially you Jon!

The poem came to text after painting the sensation (not yet posted) that I came to name falling apart. As a sensation — or feeling — this experience is more than a simple thought or emotion. Falling apart is the domino effect that “takes hold” of my body, mind, and emotions when I respond in a certain way to a convergence of life events. The framework of trauma is helping me make sense of this experience, as is the technique of focusing that I am learning at Crow’s Nest USA in a conversation between several modalities — shamanism, Jungian archetypes, and Sacred Breathwork (here is a PDF about SB at Crow’s Nest).

The makeup of this backdrop to my Poseidon adventure is sure to get more “air time” in future posts.  Key for the moment, though, is this quest to transform the ways I engage within and without. The first step in the journey: figure out how my patterns of traumatic response, which are rooted in old and recurring events, correspond to life convergences. For me, life convergences are oh-so interesting sequences of events and relationships that oh-just keep appearing, so-called coincidences that may be more aptly called synchronicity. I’m grateful for suggested resources, like Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma and I Can’t Get Over It: A Handbook for Trauma Survivors. Gratitude to those who offered ideas when they were needed — whether by Internet or arm chair!

Friends, this post is likely to be the last for 2012. As always, many thanks for your new or continued readership. Remember, you have the power to comment here at Dey of the Phoneix, and I would love to hear from you!  Wishing you a brilliant beginning to 2013!

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