Brave Souls, Thanks!

Thanks to the Lansing Writing Workshop participants! Your presence enriched the event and gifted me with insight. Photos are available in the More section of this post.

Your table discussions bravely explored the workshop topics: embracing inspiration of body, spirit, and mind; crossing boundaries of self-censorship and convention; engaging audience of ancestors and land. Your words nourished pages in the quiet space. Your poems, prose, and insights closed our circle in hope.

Best wishes on your journey and with your writing!






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6 Responses to Brave Souls, Thanks!

  1. raquel abrigo says:

    the workshop was inspiring and you are the most interesting person i have met in a long long time!!!!

  2. melissahasbrook says:

    So glad that our paths crossed! I’m grateful for such a meeting during my visit.

    Hope to hear about what you wrote at the workshop. I saw your green pen furiously moving across pages!

  3. Sandra Cade says:

    Kathy and I have decided to read Fronteras/Borders in preparation for writing together and we’re wondering if anyone else is interested. We’re thinking of starting some time in mid-June. Let me know if you’d like to join us and I’ll ask Scott to order a book in your name.


  4. melissahasbrook says:

    That’s terrific news! I’d love to hear how it goes. Will you be meeting at Everybody Reads? I know some writers who may be interested but couldn’t make it to the workshop.

  5. What i was writing about is what i was i was feeling at that moment and the troubles i was having with life on life terms, it was pretty personal and i could not share it a that time, but maybe someday.

  6. Dawn says:

    Thank you for organizing and hosting the event! A good experience 🙂

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