14 July 2009

Four new poems: Then Rather Than, Last Words, broken whole, and untitled.

Then Rather Than

execute the moment
fail delay
now not then
or when
or how
not why what
nor whom
the unknown

Last Words

these are those
we leave
for them
they we hold
as our own

may we speak
as if
every day
were our last

broken whole

a summer ride
. . . guilt accompanied
to bed land
. . . a creak curves
unsteady sleep
. . . a body run
by doubt
. . . indelibly dimples
. . . elementally carves
. . . into a broken whole


someone died. . . she followed the heron flying so near the treetops towards horses a-field & sat beneath the sun & let down her hair & comforted the canine at her feet & found rest in butterflies . . .on the forest floor muddied by risen water & fallen showers scarabs feed on the underground of where one stands . . .& the wolf watches us the dead the living & the man who keeps me dreaming. . . i choose to soothe the chaos birthed by a sun-moon square a hard aspect to live by . . .i spit & shine all ninety degrees between ego & emotion idea & intuition confidence & coalescing . . .& i eat her decay least the stench bury my dreams

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