Whoo-hoo! I recently published the gallery for my website Dey of the Phoenix. This first version is simple and offers several pictures. A future version will offer audio files and video clips. This small step in building DotP is gratifying in several ways.

I learn basic contemporary code, a rewarding challenge for this former technophobe. For any geek interested, DotP uses CSS with XML and programming by a higher-order geek Tom Schouten. Yes, I truly was pleased to find start-up code for a gallery without flash or deprecated tables after several searches. This pleasure tells me that I progress in the vast domain of Geekdom!

Also, I’m satisfied that DotP readers aren’t required to register with an external party in order to access materials. Advertisements aren’t flashing as users browse pages. And neither I nor DotP visitors must agree to policies that lose most anyone in waist-high details.

So there’s a little background to the slow but certain development that Dey of the Phoenix promises. And I’m glad for readers who share the journey.

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