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Of Osiris

This post is part of a series.  See “Intermittent” for details. Saturday, 18 October Morning. Bus trip with a club through the Ardennes. The moon still shows on a blue sky over autumn trees. Mist covers fields. Muddy cows graze. … Continue reading

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What I Know

From my journal, 8 August 2008: “What I know… Every day is fragile. Every day counts. There is no such thing as a day that doesn’t matter. We are hope. What we do with possibility is our legacy.” ^

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Spirituality & Religion

I want to begin a difficult yet basic conversation about spirituality and religion. In part, because of my own journey through institutions (primarily religion, education, and marriage), and what those experiences collectively are teaching me to carve a life in … Continue reading

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Lessons for the Wider World

Journal Excerpt – May 11, 2008. Through the bedroom window I see northeast wind blow fuchsia petals from a tree. Spring is closing; summer is nearing. It was April 2002 when Sam and I came into contact again; she recently … Continue reading

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I knew which topic to debut on “Breaking the Silence” after attending the Wordcraft Circle conference Returning the Gift (RtG) 2008. My clarity follows five years of grappling what being mixed race means in a light-skinned body raised in a … Continue reading

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In January 2008 in the Hiawatha National Forest (Upper Peninsula, Michigan) on Trout Lake, I scribbled furiously about possibilities for the year. Dey of the Phoenix is one result: a new online installation of my ongoing work with words and … Continue reading

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