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Open Letter for Efren Paredes, Jr.

To Whom It May Concern: After reading materials available via the web site The Injustice Must End (TIME) and recent news articles heavily biased against Efren Paredes Jr., I write this letter with great concern about his unjust incarceration. … Continue reading

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The Silence of Violence

During a decade of painful and regenerative learning, I climbed out of the silence following violence. And in following years, I continue to do so. This silence is the echo after an instruction not to tell, not to speak; following … Continue reading

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Spirituality & Religion, Part 2

The question is, how do we engage our spirituality as a space of the internal rather than as an object harnessed by the external–by institutions like religion and education? “I have come to believe that every one of us is … Continue reading

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Spirituality & Religion

I want to begin a difficult yet basic conversation about spirituality and religion. In part, because of my own journey through institutions (primarily religion, education, and marriage), and what those experiences collectively are teaching me to carve a life in … Continue reading

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Lessons for the Wider World

Journal Excerpt – May 11, 2008. Through the bedroom window I see northeast wind blow fuchsia petals from a tree. Spring is closing; summer is nearing. It was April 2002 when Sam and I came into contact again; she recently … Continue reading

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Why Dr. Phil Is a “K/not-maker”

Phil McGraw, you must apologize! The travesty aired on 29 April titled “Daddy Drama” sanctioned homophobia/heterosexism, misogyny/sexism, and ignorance about the lives of transgender persons. Doc, you must attempt to repair this irresponsibly wrought damage. “Daddy Drama” appalled me as … Continue reading

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I knew which topic to debut on “Breaking the Silence” after attending the Wordcraft Circle conference Returning the Gift (RtG) 2008. My clarity follows five years of grappling what being mixed race means in a light-skinned body raised in a … Continue reading

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What do you think?

In anticipation of Breaking the Silence’s debut – the first Monday of May 2008 – which topics do you hope to find in Breaking the Silence? Take a moment from your busy day to let me, along with the wider … Continue reading

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