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Summer speeds by here in eventful Michigan with legislation threatening to take away women’s rights; learn about these bills here. House Speaker Jase Bolger has banned State Representatives Barb Byrum and Lisa Brown from speaking on the floor after each … Continue reading

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Cross the Border

How do we change anything? Anything pertaining to the injustices of this world, in our communities and relationships. Do we take on the system? Do we engage our loved ones? Some of us gravitate toward one or the other; few … Continue reading

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Story Survives

I’ve struggled with words for weeks, scribbling and setting aside an account of the peaceful protest I attended October 1 outside the Ingham County Prosecutor’s office; see my photos on Flickr.  I cannot capture the essence of that experience and … Continue reading

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29 May 2009

These two weeks back to Belgium surprisingly are tender. I miss my birthland and loved ones more than during the initial phase of of relocation (summer 2008). Nonetheless I’m planting my first garden, learning about self-employment, and meeting other expats. … Continue reading

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Currently I’m learning about CEDAW, the UN’s Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Drafted in 1979, the treaty still is rejected by the U.S. – only 1 of 8 UN members to do so (others … Continue reading

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The News, Summer 2008

In updating the DotP web site, this post “The News, Summer 2008” has migrated from a former WordPress page titled “The News”. Sources, excerpts, and personal comments are available about a range of topics – the environment, health matters, im/migration, … Continue reading

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Bitten at Yule-tide

Yesterday the news bug bit. Here are the results – stories on indigenous rights, literature, health rights, law and courts across the world, and more! The condensed listing directly links to articles. The extended version (“read more”) is indexed with … Continue reading

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Open Letter for Efren Paredes, Jr.

To Whom It May Concern: After reading materials available via the web site The Injustice Must End (TIME) and recent news articles heavily biased against Efren Paredes Jr., I write this letter with great concern about his unjust incarceration. … Continue reading

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