it is wise…

it is wise to live with open palms

for how else may we embrace hands
old and new      hard and soft

how else may we comfort friends
near and far      lost and found

how else may we release pain
receive hope      and love


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3 Responses to it is wise…

  1. Sally Lloyd says:

    This is lovely, Melissa. Thank you! I hope you and Tom and Mama have a good flight back to Belgium tomorrow. Your being here for these few short months has made an amazing difference in the life of the Meeting, and the lives of those of us who have come to know you better. Thank you, thank you!
    I’ll be holding you in the Light in this time of changes. Love, Sally

  2. “open palms” how true. What would the world be like without them??? The Creator, how majestically ingenious. HE left nothing out.

    For instance, millions of complex factors make up one living, functioning human body; the idea that it could be the end product of chance is ridiculous. Like I said “HE left nothing out” and it is (to me) expressed clearly through your words. Well done mujer!

  3. Thank you both for the comments.

    Sally, I am grateful to know you better as well and look forward to more opportunities to bead in the future!

    Lucas, I look and see miracles all around in everyday life. So I also appreciate the majesty of the divine.

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