December 13, Not Quite the Fortnight Before Christmas

Photo by MDH

The tree points up
bound in light

Bulbs reflect rainbows
silhouettes of spirits

who visit
loved ones .. .. ..

Grandma’s throw lies
about my neck

pastels crocheted
upon her lap

Those hands gave love
in soup and shawl

Franciscan prayers
at the Adoration Chapel

Ninety years since her birth
red-haired Iowan girl

Graduate of Bowling Green
eloped a World War II veteran

a dairy farmer
of German descent

She forwent her
father’s blessing .. .. ..

Margaret was a
thinker . teacher

wife . mother . widow
and in later years

a blue coated
patient escort

always quick in wit
and to another’s need

chauffeuring a friend to mass
teaching a grandchild math

and grinning upon sight
of great grandkids

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