“Mother Fear”, a poem

For northern readers, happy fall! Autumn equinox has passed, and we officially are into the cooling season. Still, my raspberry bushes bear fruit and butternut squash take in  frost-free evenings. Plus, last week’s Harvest Full Moon brightened the night skies! It is a colorful, eventful time of year on this wheel of life.

In recent weeks, I’ve shared poetry inspired along my healing path (see “Beyond the Corner” and “I Live Here“). This new piece, “Mother Fear“, stems from Sacred Breathwork in September co-facilitated by Nick Brabhan (USA) and Léonie Lob (France) at the Vibrance Center of South Bend, Indiana.

Nick and Leonie are certified through Crow’s Nest Center for Shamanic Studies. Thanks to you both for sharing the Journey! Also, gratitude to Jamila Blue (Ecstatic Dance Michiana) for the synergetic start to the event. What a dance overlooking the St. Joseph River!

Mother Fear

I have faced
the Mother
of Fear,
Her teeth a circle
jagged to tear,
touched each point
with both hands,
& with a purple cloth
I wrapped the circle
to heal.

I have embraced
Mother Fear
with Love
& received
We are one
& the same,
we are
& the mirror
between us
but a dream.

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