Summer-ing Spiritual Community, Part 2

Here’s a first on Dey of the Phoenix — a slideshow presented by! This book art was created during the annual Gathering (Friends General Conference), which I blogged about last month, “Summer-ing Spiritual Community, Part 1.” My inspirations stemmed from the week’s theme “Let Love Be the First Motion” and a powerful healing experience among Quaker artists in my workshop “Honoring Our Stories.”

The accompanying musical selection for the slideshow is from an album that has accompanied me much this summer. The very moving work of Breathe Owl Breathe has been good company during round-trips to Lake Michigan at Saugatuck. The songs are vibrational poetry, and “Vision Quest” is a wonderful riddle for experiences embodied by this book art created in the spiritual community of Friends.

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  1. Kathy Ossmann says:

    Thanks, Melissa!

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