“Types and Shadows” Feature

IMG_20141028_131621I’m glad to share a peak at the Fall 2014 Types and Shadows, Journal for the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts! My artist book Puzzling the Moon is featured, and pictured on the front is one of the work’s two paintings altered into puzzles.

After a very engaging time with Quaker artists this summer at my first Gathering, an annual event organized by Friends General Conference, I recently became an FQA member. It was a real honor to be invited by Types and Shadows editor Blair Seitz to contribute to the current edition. Thanks, Blair, for a gorgeous installment!

Inside the edition are more images of Puzzling the Moon and a word about my Gathering experience.  Also included is a poem by the same title. (Note: the name surfacing after I sent the material in for publication.) Here is a slideshow of the entire book art on my Slide.ly account!

On a closing note, guess what? FQA welcomes arts supporters as well artists, plus Quaker and non-Quaker artists. I’m glad to be among a circle of regional Quaker artists organizing a chapter for the Great Lakes. Please send me a message with interest or questions: MelissaHasbrookATGmailDOTcom.

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