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AA Creative Corridor (formerly Art Alley) with a full-house in February!

AA Creative Corridor (formerly Art Alley) with a full-house in February! Photo from the AACC web site.

Folks of Greater Lansing — and those who travel — “¡Vámonos! / Let’s Go!” is coming this Saturday, December 6, at AA Creative Corridor (1133 S. Washington Ave.)! It’s a special program with great talent from the local community and various parts of Michigan. Light refreshments will be available at this alcohol-free event. A shout-out to Sandra Cade and Elizabeth Warren: Your helping hands are precious!

On the grounds at Sachaqa, from its web site.

On the grounds at Sachaqa, from its web site.

Door Special
Proceeds from the sliding-scale cover, $7-15, go toward my artist-residency at Sachaqa Centro de Arte in the Peruvian Amazon. And guess what full covers get? A postcard from my travel!

General Line-Up

Doors open at 7:30pm, and programming runs 8-11pm. There are three sets with intermissions; details are given below. Please join the fun whenever you can!

Visual Art

The Gallery and Market are open for the entire event, 7:30-11pm:

  • IMG_20140809_105954

     Pulp-painted handmade paper.

    Handmade cards for sale by Elizabeth Warren of Leezard Design.

  • Exhibition with work by Sandra Cade and from Words & Afterwards (2012).
  • A creative station for making your own art & more!

A special experience with instrumentation awaits you:

  • Jazz-band The Headz performs live at the top of each hour–8, 9, & 10pm. I shared the stage with these three brothers a few years back, and am excited to hear their riveting tunes!
  • At 7:30pm and at intermissions, DJ Doelie plays an arrangement of dreamy sound-art compositions by electronic musician Leslie Rollins (Berrien Springs).

Open Mic @ 8pm

The open mic welcomes all creative acts. Contributors likely have five minutes, but this depends on the final line-up.  Sign-up early to secure a spot! Email MelissaHasbrookATGmailDOTcom.

Word-Art Guests @ 9pm
I last performed with these friends in 2011 at “Light in the Dark: Words of Life, Love, and Loss“, fundraiser for The Listening Ear Crisis Center:

Chey, myself, and Claire at "Light in the Dark."

Chey, myself, and Claire at “Light in the Dark.”

  • Claire Vallotton has made Greater Lansing home in recent years. Her witty words always move and delight me! She will read from her creative-non-fiction book in progress, Full Reign of the Woods: The Biography of a Childhood on the Lost Coast.
  • Lansing-native Chey Davis (Collection) joins us from Midland. What a keen, passionate poet! Get ready for a variety of verse including work from her new chapbook, Sweet Cyanide Center, a quiet glimpse into an incomplete and untold history of the 100 years of lynching.

Feature Performance @ 10pm

I close-out the night with a few surprises. This will be a unique send-off performance!

There will be an open mic during the 8 o'clock hour!

There will be an open mic during the 8 o’clock hour!

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