“be Beauty”, poem


Photo by MDH. Lake Superior, Porcupine Mountains. Aug. 3, 2014.

Greetings from Cusco, Peru! Stories are percolating for future blogs here on Dey of the Phoenix. I look forward to sharing in short order and more often. Meanwhile, for briefer notes, check out my Facebook Artist page! And here’s a recent poem rooted in my homeland, a stretch of Earth surrounded by the bounteous Great Lakes. May your New Year be blessed!

be Beauty

yes, be the Flower surrounded by Water.
be Beauty shining from a hard place.
be the Star that burns Purple.

wait out Winter.
listen deeply to wise Silence.
be patient in Cold.

come Spring, bloom brilliantly.
come Summer, sing with Lightning.
come Fall, rest with Trees.

learn anew as Snow falls.
begin anew with Rain.
arise persistently with Sun.

be one with the Rock.
be one with the Lake.
be one with all Seasons.

yes, honor Ancestors
and remember Those to Come,
yet always cherish Now.


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