EON: My thoughts and some words

Embodying Our Nature is in full swing at Gone Wired Cafe! While we’re on break, I’m taking a moment to pass on some items I mentioned during our opening talking circle. There are a few excerpts with references to the pieces and authors, as well as a media source. Enjoy! * Trailer for the documentary […]

“The Illusion of a Clean Cup”

[Since the invitation is out there to post something connected to this year’s theme, I’ve chosen to post something I wrote a couple years ago, actually, but that for me comes closest to what it means to live an “embodied” life. — Dawn Comer] The illusion of a clean cup.  That’s what we all want, […]

EON Registration

Registration is simple for Embodying Our Nature. Here is the link to the schedule including workshops. To complete registration, please provide a response to herstories.project @gmail.com for one of these three options: A) Participation for both days, Feb. 17 and 18 B) Participation for one day – please indicate which: Feb. 17 or Feb. 18 […]