Greetings for 2012

During the darkest weeks of this winter season, I stepped back to take in the fullness of the past year. The reflection surfaced gratitude, personally and professionally. As days began to lengthen, I retreated to Trout Lake in the Hiawatha Forest, where a new direction became clear. It is the same place where a glimpse of this web site emerged (see post “Beginnings”) and the last stage of “Circle…Home” took shape. And now as daylight catches up with the night’s watch, I am excited about my next path — even phase of life — as it leads in a fresh direction.

I will be sharing the width of these changes via Dey of the Phoenix in coming months, so I hope you stay tuned. The first news, though, I would share is that I am phasing out of organizing community programs early this year, and for some time to come. I am hosting a reading by author Marycela this Friday on January 27, and co-organizing the writing program Embodying Our Nature held on February 17 and 18; both events take place at Gone Wired Cafe (2021 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing). Visit The HerStories Project web site for details.

Putting on feature performances to benefit agencies serving survivors of violence, as well as HerStories programs celebrating stories about women and gender expression, has presented rewards and challenges. I would not be surprised that down the road community organizing becomes a part of my work again. But for an unknown time to come, I will be focusing on a new creative project revolving around a central question: What do certain stories tell us about healing?

At the start of 2012, I completed a one-year shamanic apprenticeship taught by Colleen Deatsman (Circle of Life), an amazing teacher alongside an amazing circle of souls. (Read here about shamanism.) The experience resonates with recent years among Friends, or Quakers, in Meetings for Worship with Attention to Healing, the intention being to “hold” one another in the Light. (Read here about Quaker Worship.) I am excited to see how this spiritual journey is shaping my current creative work and inspiring the next writing project — both stories to share in the near future.

So, as the first month of 2012 reaches a close, my wish for all: that each month unfolds joy, hope, and inspiration! For anyone in the Greater Lansing area interested in writing, you are more than welcome to join the open circle at The Writing Room. Through April, we meet 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm at the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing (1712 E. Michigan Ave.). Updates are available by subscription on the blog.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I know that you gave a great deal of thought, prayer, and emotion to this decision. I continue to hold you in the Light as you are led on an altered Path.


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