The Launch of Emergence

emergencetagA new project of mine, “Emergence,” combines poetry, percussion, movement, and visual art into an interactive experience with small audiences. Percussionist Nicholas Brabhan (South Bend, IN)  is my collaborator, who I met through the community at Crow’s Nest Center for Shamanic Studies. We share an interest in the creative arts as a healing tool, and “Emergence: An Intimate Performance” is our first public expression of the partnership.  Thanks for reading this post about how “Emergence” came into being, our partners, and how you can become part of the project.

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The poetry I perform in “Emergence” is rooted in my healing journey, and has been composed since the fall of 2013.  My focus these recent years on healing from childhood sexual violence in parallel with creative expression has expanded my artistic disciplines and use of media. “Emergence” springs from this ongoing evolution as a survivor-activist and as an artist.  From this base, “Emergence” is designed as an interactive performance for anyone with an openness to explore the creative arts as a healing tool.

As a whole, “Emergence” is a gentle exploration through performance. Poetry and percussion create a safe container to experiment with movement and visual art.  While inspired by my healing journey, the poetry is not focus on survivorhood as an explicit topic. I have set out, though, to bring “Emergence” to the public in partnership with ongoing programs that serve survivors of sexual violence. Survivors, allies, and persons open to engage arts in healing are especially encouraged to participate.

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The first engagement of “Emergence” takes place Sunday, April 13, in Lansing, Michigan, at Just B Yoga as part of the event series “Healing with Community, Thriving in Unity”, in unison with Take Back the Night of Greater Lansing. Thanks, TBTN, for donating funds for the venue!  Separate performances at 4:30pm and 7:00pm each have five openings for audience-participants; please register by email at or phone 313.389.6866,

Teaming up with the Lansing engagement is The Firecracker Foundation, a nonprofit serving youth-survivors of sexual violence. Firecracker is processing donations for “Emergence”, and will receive half of the proceeds. The remaining portion supports the artists. This means that 50% of your donations also is tax-deductible.

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When envisioning a community-support model of fundraising and sustaining my creative work,  I wanted to make possible a healing experience for audiences not rooted in mandatory payment. I envisioned how a community could be a part of the whole, and also benefit somehow from the performance.

Donors are receiving gifts to honor contributions, in addition to the knowledge that every dollar contributes ongoing support to individuals’ healing and artists channeling creative energy in experimental ways. All donors (with permission) will be recognized on here on Dey of the Phoenix. Additional gifts include the following:

– Donations of $10 receives the poem “Emergence” personally autographed.
– Donations of $25 receive an audio recording of the performance.
– Donations of $50 receive a mini-booklet of all poetry from the performance
– Donations of $100 receive both the mini-booklet, audio recording, and the Soulfire calendar from The Firecracker Foundation.

{{Donations accepted here.}}


Stay tuned here at Dey of the Phoneix for news of “Emergence: An Intimate Performance” coming to Kalamazoo, Michigan. And throughout the year, I will be developing new works toward a solo exhibition in 2015! As always, Readers, thanks for your continued support.

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