Bridges: Save-the-date Bookmark

In an effort to spread the word about the next HerStories Project program, Bridges Open Mic, here is a save-the-date bookmark! Just click the image then save it for digital use.

This event so far is featuring poet Bobbi Byrd (Osseo, Michigan), whose poetry is both powerful and gentle. (Careful not confuse her with Bobby Byrd, another poet altogether!)

Some of Bobbi’s poetry is available through the National Gallery of Writing. The work published there celebrates the life of her partner.

Bobbi also appears at the start of this video story about Embodying Our Words, a HerStories Project program about embodied writing. The video story was produced in February 2011 by Lansing City Pulse interns Fiona Guo and Yang Zhang.

Bookmark updated September 28, 2011.

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  1. It looks good, but I certainly hope that I’m not the only presenter….

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