Holly Makimaa: Journaling through Change

Updated February 17, 2010

Holly Makimaa from Oasis Health & Wellness/ Yoga Center of East Lansing joins the HerStories program! Her workshop “Journaling through Change” is scheduled March 6 from 2:30-3:30pm. Holly has been teaching holistic journaling workshops for almost 10 years and has worked with clients nationally in telling their life stories. She is an avid yoga practitioner, meditator and contemplative at heart. She enjoys nature, spending time with children and writing in her spare time. Learn more from her web page.

Here’s what to expect at the workshop:

Learn to use writing as a way to navigate through change. Women have an innate understanding of change. Their bodies go through natural cycles that give them an enhanced ability to understand that we are always changing. We know that life could not exist without change. Throughout our lives we experience changes in our emotions, thoughts, dreams, relationships,jobs, families, health, etc. Journaling gives us a sacred space to enter into change and honor the feelings and thoughts we experience while clearing the way for us to touch an inner well of deep knowing that is changeless.

Registration for writing workshops is recommended due to limited space. The form, available here, may be submitted by email herstories.project @ gmail.com or at Everybody Reads bookstore (M-SA 11am to 7pm, SU 9am to 4pm).

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