Tonight is Bridges Open Mic!

The program starts at 7:00pm at (SCENE) Metrospace, 110 Charles St., East Lansing, Michigan! The cover is only $3, which goes to (SCENE), a gallery and performance space funded by the City of East Lansing. The venue is a valuable resource for Greater Lansing. Thanks, Director Tim Lane, for making the space available to grassroots […]

Bridges Goes Boom!

Bridges Open Mic, coming November 22, continues to gain momentum! Since the program’s last update, the Capital Area Response Effort (C.A.R.E.) of Lansing has become a partner. Also, the Peace Education Center is donating transportation funds for featured poet Bobbi Byrd. And I’m both excited and honored to be collaborating with Jeffrey Franckowiak, a Lansing-based […]

The Success of HerStories Fest

A tell-tale sign of success at a grassroots event is when communities show support. This dynamic made HerStories Fest shine: bringing together people from the greater Lansing area and college campuses, as well multiple generations and genders. And in contrast to The HerStories Project’s 2010 jar-on-the-table fundraiser, in 2011 we raised $1,766.18! This gift to […]

HerStories Fest is here!

HerStories Fest tonight promises an amazing time with wordsmiths, musicians, cuisine, and good ole inspiration! The event benefits the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing. So for those able, please bring your checkbook, penny jar, or other forms of currency to help out an essential community resource. Check out the full program here. Lisa Sarno is […]

Grassroots Has Might!

HerStories Fest calls for advanced donations toward the Benefit Concert with Buffet at a suggestion of $20 per person! See below for a list of locations. All proceeds go to the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing. Advanced donors qualify for a raffle with a prize of $100 in gift certificates. Also, advanced donations help provide […]

Many Hands Make HerStories

Updated Mar. 7, 2011. Thanks to everyone who is supporting The HerStories Project‘s second year of community-based events! Just within a month of the first 2011 program, Embodying Our Words, the next is coming quickly – HerStories Fest, an artistic celebration of stories about women. PREPARATIONS for HerStories Fest, March 18, are in full swing! […]

EOW Gratitude List

Embodying Our Words gave us pages of inspiration, as well as laughter and tears. The varied events formed wide and intimate circles, providing a range of ways to explore embodied writing – life stories connected to the body. Co-organizer Dawn Comer and I are extremely grateful for the many contributions of sponsors, guests, and program […]

EOW Guests and Organziers

For the first HerStories program of 2011, there are new and returning faces! Dawn Comer and Mary Catherine Harper gave workshops last year and do so again at Embodying Our Words. Joining us for the first time are Lauren Spencer, Jerri Courtney, and Cindie Alwood! Please read on to learn more about EOW organizers and […]

Program Finale!

In early February, a stellar line-up of poets, storytellers, and writers signed on to share their gifts at the HerStories Benefit Show and Open Mike. And tomorrow, March 27, is the fundraiser for the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing! The fun begins at 4:00pm at Everybody Reads Bookstore. Featured are ten local artists sure to […]

Storytelling: 3/6 & 3/13

“Storytelling for all ages” kicks off the first two Saturdays of the HerStories program at 1:00pm at Everybody Reads Bookstore, 2019 E. Michigan Ave. On March 6, Jean Bolley ( Lansing Storytellers) tell tales about women from Michigan history and Lynette Brown (Michigan Women’s Historical Center) comes in character as Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Ena Baker […]