Emergence … since 2013!

Autumn reminds me: it’s two years since I began exploring the theme “emergence”!

Found-poem collage by Mey. January 2014.

Found-poem collage by Mey. January 2014.

In hindsight, I trace these origins to a meadow of bees in Kalamazoo. There I began composing about recent experiences of healing. Poetry arrived through New Year’s 2014 by a frozen lake (from indoors!) in the Hiawatha National Forest. There I arranged found phrases and images into an original poem-collage. The work pictured above pointed me to the title piece, a true compass for all that has evolved.

The bee meadow. Sept. 2013.

The bee meadow. Sept. 2013.

Performances came to fruition by spring. With a percussionist, I performed poems with interactive movement and painting alongside audience-participants. The final show of poetry, percussion, and movement was the feature for Take Back the Night of Lansing, Michigan, in April 2014.

Summer was all about hands: letterpress printing, pulp-painting, papermaking, cutting circles, inking text.  Limited-edition Emergence: Book Art debuted October 2014 at the Kalamazoo Friends Meeting House. Even with its (time-intensive!) production on hiatus, bringing book from vision-to-form was significant. Thank you dearly, supporters!

The theme’s final transformation is coming this season. After a year in development, Emergence: Out of the Box is coming to Greater Lansing! This community-arts collaboration serves first-term students of the High School Diploma Completion Initiative (HSDCI) at Lansing Community College (LCC). Stay tuned for more about this project, which received the LCC grant “The Heart of Student Success”.

Release of "Emergence: Book Art", Kalamazoo Friends Meeting House, 18 Oct 2014.

Release of “Emergence: Book Art”, Kalamazoo Friends Meeting House, 18 Oct 2014.

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